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Chick-fil-A Hosts Friday Night Slumber Party in Midtown

New York's first Chcik-fil-A is now OPEN OPEN OPEN.

[The scene at Chick-fil-A last night.]
[The scene at Chick-fil-A last night.]

Hordes of people showed up to New York's first free-standing Chick-fil-A yesterday afternoon in the hopes of winning a year of free chicken sandwiches.  But only 100 New Yorkers were awarded that Southern fried prize. After being alerted of their rankings in the line around 7 p.m., these people then camped out inside the restaurant all night.  Some of them slept, using Chick-fil-A blankets to keep themselves warm, while other watched Night at the Museum on a screen across the street from the restaurant. At the crack of dawn, the restaurant opened to the general public, and the superfans got their first taste of those free chicken sandwiches.

(It's perhaps worth noting that, according to the official rules of the contest, the winners get one meal per week, not unlimited food whenever they want. So, the real cash value of this prize is probably...somewhere in the ballpark of $500 to $600.)

New York's first-ever real deal Chick-fil-A is now open for business. Here are scenes from the pre-opening madness.

Blanket time #nyccfa #chickfila #newyork #Manhattan

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Here's a video of the 100 lucky line-waiters being told that they won:

The winners were taken inside for the night, to wait till the official opening:

They were also given sleep masks and cookies:

And they got to watch Night at the Museum projected on a screen across the street from the restaurant, with individual headsets:

Some people crashed, though:


Just camped out and won free Chick-Fil-A for a year! #nyccfa #cfafirst100

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1000 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10018