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Anthony Bourdain Slams the DOH Glove Rule: 'It's the Destruction of Sushi as We Know It'

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"This is not Subway, for fuck's sake."

Courtesy of CNN

Last night at a party for the release of his second comic book, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushifuture food hall operator Anthony Bourdain told Eater what he really thinks about the DOH mandate to wear gloves while making sushi:

You cannot make sushi through plastic surgical gloves. You can't. This is monstrous, monstrous, monstrous. It's the destruction of sushi as we know it. Body temperature fuels everything, the sensitivity to pick up the rice. This is not Subway, for fuck's sake. This is something people have dedicated their lives to. No. You know which team I'm on.

The first Get Jiro! comic — which tells the story of a gangster sushi chef — was a New York Times bestseller. The second issue, a prequel, hits shelves was released this week.

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