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Estela's Sequel Approaches, New Parm Sandwiches, Ssäm Bar Goat Dinner, and More Intel

Mimi Sheraton has a bad meal at Peter Luger, plus more restaurant news and gossip.

[Meadowsweet in Williamsburg.  Stellar choice for a Wednesday night meal, or a drink at the bar.]
[Meadowsweet in Williamsburg. Stellar choice for a Wednesday night meal, or a drink at the bar.]
Daniel Krieger

Estela's Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter get on each other's nerves, but they're committed to making their partnership work. As Jeff Gordinier of the Times suggests, their relationship is "more Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid than King Kong versus Godzilla." The duo is preparing to open Café Altro Paradiso in Soho later this year, which will serve Mattos's version of Italian comfort food. The menu will include things like bollito misto, lardo lasagnette, and ziti with broccoli and anchovies. Carter describes his relationship with Mattos: "There will be friction....We just handle it better now. Now we’re not going to blow up in front of the staff. We fight over texts."

The hitmakers at Major Food Group just rolled out a snazzy new catering site for Parm. The menu includes two new sandwiches that you won't find at the restaurants: chicken Caprese and spicy avocado. Parm currently delivers anywhere below 125th Street.

— Former Times critic Mimi Sheraton did not have a great experience at Peter Luger this week:

Bloomberg's Tejal Rao offers one star to British newcomer Burger & Lobster: "If no one seems to mind the odd mistake (as seems the case), it might be because Burger & Lobster runs with the same kind of efficient, distinctly American-style service of larger fast-casual chains such as TGI Fridays. Servers are friendly, relentlessly upbeat, and above all, fast. Drinks arrive immediately and food arrives quickly, often within just 10 or 12 minutes. The restaurant offers diners an almost mindless level of ease. "

— State senator Adriano D. Espaillat announced a proposal last week to put a moratorium on new liquor licenses in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan. The SLA can't technically put a moratorium on any one neighborhood, but a spokesperson for the SLA tells the Times that the team will "continue to take a balanced approach in our review process, weighing the merits of the individual application and the recommendations of residents, community boards and elected officials."

— Next Tuesday, November 3, Momofuku Ssäm Bar will host a special "Goats du Rhône" dinner with five goat-focused courses paired with Rhône Valley wines selected by Momofuku wine director Jordan Salcito and Lyle Railsback of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant. Ticket are $195, and they're available on EventBrite. A portion of the proceeds will go to Heritage Radio Network.

Local cafe mini-chain Coffee'd will give away free brownies (with purchase of a beverage) after any Mets win in the World Series. Owner Frank Rafaele explains: "We're a Queens-based business....We love supporting New York City, we love supporting the Mets."

Aaron Foster, a veteran of Murray's Cheese and Brooklyn Kitchen, is opening a new artisan market/cafe at 215 Knickerbocker Ave in Bushwick called Foster Sundry. The shop will offer cheese, charcuterie, growlers of beer, sandwiches, coffee, and locally-made bread. The store is slated to open next month.

— And finally, here's an ode to the hamburger at Joe Jr. by Nick Solares: