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Hell's Kitchen Old-Timer Market Diner to Close After Service on Sunday

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After 53 years in business, one of New York's most essential diners is closing up shop.

[Market Diner]
[Market Diner]
Bess Adler

Earlier this summer, news broke that the Moinan Group had plans for a 13-story mixed use development on the corner of 11th Avenue and West 43rd Street, home of the Market Diner. Early word indicated that the restaurant would close at the end of the year or summer 2016. But now Jeremiah Moss reports that the diner will take its final bow at the end of service on Sunday, November 1. The Garden Center next door is also closing to make way for the new development.

This Googie-style diner has been in business since 1962. Frank Sinatra was a fan of this greasy spoon, and the Westies gang also frequented Market Diner several decades ago. Moss notes: "Anytime I've gone by the Market Diner, the place was packed. People love it." If you have any memories of this establishment, please share them in the comments.