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Midtown Nearly Buckles Under the Weight of Fuku's Secret Nachos

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David Chang can't stop adding dishes to the menu at Fuku +.

[Fuku Plus]
[Fuku Plus]
Nick Solares

Last week, David Chang and his army of Momofuku warrior-chefs rocked Washington D.C. to its very core with the stealth opening of both MomofukuCCDC (see the menu here) and a new location of Momofuku Milk Bar. Our nation's capital — and America in general — will never be the same again. But team Momo also had a big surprise in store for Midtown Manhattan....

[Photo: Instagram]

Over the weekend, several Fuku+ patrons shared pictures of a new item that's currently in development. This tray of pork nachos is the direct sibling of the Sichuan flatbread, and a spiritual brother/sister of Mission Cantina's Chinese burritos. According to one diner, this dish feeds about six peopleWhat crazy off-the-menu item will Fuku + spawn next? Only time will tell. But If you see something, say something.

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