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David Bouhadana Plans to Fight DOH Glove Rule: 'We Will Take Back Sushi'

Is it fair for the DOH to require chefs to wear gloves?

[Chef David Bouhadana behind the bar at Sushi Dojo.]
[Chef David Bouhadana behind the bar at Sushi Dojo.]
Paul Crispin Quitoriano

This afternoon, Sushi Dojo chef David Bouhadana responds to the recent DOH closures of two of his restaurants. The chef sends along an impassioned rant about the closure, along with some photos. Bouhadana explains:

We were closed for one thing and one thing only, not wearing gloves. Sushi chefs are not supposed to wear gloves. 17 employees lost their job because the DOH has been harassing me for four months and threatening me for this issue. I have 20+ of the best sushi chefs behind me and many more ready to bat for me. We will solve this BS rule, a rule I don't stand by. Sushi is being ruined my gloves, freezing fish and more issues...

The chef continues:

I have more meetings tonight and tomorrow. We will take back sushi. I'm the voice for these master chefs, they are old and English isn't [their] first language....I will stand up and take this head on. And will show everyone that DOH has abused its power and has cost people their [jobs] over a game of cat and mouse with me.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bouhadana's crusade against the DOH's glove rules, as they become available.

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