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Organic Avenue Crashes to the Ground, Carbone Explodes Onto the Vegas Strip, and More Intel

Nolita is about to get a Brazilian fast casual restaurant, plus more dining news and gossip.

[Root and Bone in the East Village.  Fine place for a Thursday night meal.]
[Root and Bone in the East Village. Fine place for a Thursday night meal.]
Daniel Krieger

— After shuttering all of its locations throughout Manhattan last week, Organic Avenue filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. The chain's creator, Doug Evans, sold the company for around $30 million back in 2009, and his new start-up, Juicero, has already raised $20 million. Forbes notes that the company's second owner, Weld North, hired a former Pret-A-Manger executive to expand the chain and its products, which was not a smart move. According to a report on Swagger, the last day of business was madness, with some stores giving stuff away, because there was no plan in place about how to close things down. Some workers claim that they haven't been paid for their last week, and EV Grieve notes that the East Village location of Organic Avenue is over $27,000 behind on rent.

— The Las Vegas location of Carbone has a blue room with tile floors that reference the Sands' pool during the Rat Pack era. The red room has a floor-to-ceiling chandelier that was originally created for a Ferrari showroom in the 1960s.

— Passenger Bar in Williamsburg is slated to shutter at the end of the month, due to issues with the building. The owner hopes to reopen the tavern in another space. Meanwhile, in Bushwick, Tandem Bar is also closing up shop at the end of the month.The owner wants to devote more time and energy to her family and ceramics studio.

— Alex Guarnaschelli is working on an autobiographical one-woman show called "Busting My Chops." The Butter chef will preview the play at Carolines next month.

A Brazilian fast casual chain called Market Ipanema is opening its first New York City outpost at 62 Kenmare St. This will be a "health conscious" restaurant with a menu of sandwiches, salads, and some main dishes like chicken with mushrooms.

A new location of Zibetto Espresso Bar is coming to the ground floor of the former McGraw-Hill Building at 1221 Sixth Ave. And down in the Financial District, the building at 70 Pine is getting an outpost of Australian chain Black Fox Coffee.

Montauk restaurant Gosman's Dock was damaged during a fire last weekend. 100 firefighters helped put it out. The owner hopes to reopen next spring.

Gawker's Hamilton Nolan wants us all to accept the fact that restaurants have rats, and stop worrying about them: "Food poisoning is something that could hurt you in a restaurant. Rats are not secretly leaving uncooked chicken breasts sitting out overnight."

— And speaking of rats, check out this sick tattoo:

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Last week a customer at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society requested this Pizza Rat ink.

— The owner of the Biryani Cart on 46th Street near Sixth Avenue just opened an identical stand across the street.

— Former Times critic William Grimes takes a tour of "Flavor: Making It and Faking It," the first exhibit at the Museum of Food and Drink (Eater is a media partner of this project).  Grimes notes:

The Smell Synth is alluring. The flavors cover a wide range, from sweet and fruity to downright obnoxious. The British have put most of them on potato chips. But not "cheesy, vomit" or "nail polish remover." Combine them with "boozy" and you have an aroma redolent of late Saturday nights and bad life choices.

MOFAD opens to the public next Wednesday.

The DOH closed one of the Waldorf Astoria's eight banquet kitchens on Monday due to evidence of filth flies and food stored at the wrong temperature. The hotel rectified the problem and the kitchen was back up and running by Wednesday.

— And finally, here's how to make cookie sandwiches like Ovenly: