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Black Seed's Beefy Patty, Deep-Fried Madness at Root & Bone, and More Burger Intel

This weeks BurgerWire is 100% fried chicken sandwich free.

Nick Solares

Breakfast Burger at Black Seed EV

Black Seed's newest location in the East Village is serving a spiced beef patty with egg and cheese, on a bagel. Is this technically a hamburger? Perhaps not, but it still sounds like a solid way to start the day.

Cheeseburgers at Root & Bone

Root & Bone has debuted a lunch and brunch-only pimento cheeseburger with Fresno pepper relish and waffle fries ($15, add bacon +$4). It's not listed on the supper menu, but word on the street is that the burger will be available if you just ask nicely. You can also substitute blue or cheddar cheese if Pimento isn't your thing. Starting this coming Friday, Root and Bone will also serve a chicken fried cheeseburger stuffed with Pimento cheese. The restaurant is planning to offer this for two weeks, but if people dig it, the fried burger might stick around longer.

Veggie Burgers Forever

[The veggie burger at The Nomad.]

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the veggie burger phenomenaAs it turns out, April Bloomfield will debut a veggie burger on the menu at Salvation Burger, scheduled to open in December. Daniel Humm, of The Nomad, remarks: "If you can cook a vegetable dish where even the meat eaters feel they don't miss anything, that's the goal...We need to do a better job of making the dishes crave-worthy."  And Superiority Burger's Brooks Headley notes: "I don't need something indistinguishable from meat in order to feel like I'm eating a hamburger...The act of eating a burger is so iconic and so American, and it's not just about the patty. It's the squish of the bun and the crunch of the lettuce and the tang of the ketchup—there's something primally satisfying in all that."

Are Burger Stocks a Strong Buy?

Investment research site Zacks takes a look at the better burger category of publicly traded companies in its latest podcast. A large part of the discussion is about Shake Shack, which is praised for serving delicious burgers and having a "unique model." While the stock is "not cheap," and has flatlined since its IPO, it nonetheless offers "lots of growth opportunity" and the chain has "room for expansion."

Black Tap and BBD's Win at Burger Bash

Finally, a big congratulations to Black Tap and BBD's who respectively won the People's Choice and Judges' titles at last week NYWFF Burger Bash.

Root & Bone

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The Nomad Bar

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Superiority Burger

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