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David Chang Floods the Streets of Manhattan With Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

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Get that crispy chicken thunder delivered straight to your door.

[Fuku MiniMe with wedges]
[Fuku MiniMe with wedges]
Daniel Krieger

New York's hottest chicken sandwich restaurant (that's not Chick-fil-A) now offers delivery to anywhere below 85th Street via Caviar. Until today, Fuku had been a dine-in-only operation, but now you can skip the line and get it delivered straight to your home, office, school, business, or place of worship. The delivery menu includes the original chicken sandwich (big version, not the MiniMe), potato wedges, the "163 Salad," and the recently-introduced Fuku Fingers. The special dishes from Fuku +, like the Sichuan pork flatbread and Jucy Lucy, are not available — just items from the East Village original. A five-pack of sandwiches, fries, and Milk Bar cookies is $65. Caviar and Momofuku have been working together since early 2014. If you happen to order Fuku for lunch or dinner today, let us know what you think of the delivery experience.


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