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Beleaguered Chumley's Reboot Gets Initial Approval From CB2

It's a Cocktail Week miracle.

[Chumley's 86/Facebook]

Last night, former firefighter Jim Miller went before the CB2's SLA licensing committee to rally support for Chumley's liquor license application. The famed tavern at 86 Barrow Street closed back in 2007 following a wall collapse. It has since been demolished and rebuilt by a team of former firefighters who worked at the bar before its closure.  And, finally, the CB2's SLA licensing committee gave initial approval to the team after Miller agreed to a midnight closing time Sunday through Wednesday, and a 1 p.m. curfew Thursday through Saturday.

Miller and his crew will proceed to the full board meeting next week, and then the SLA will make its decision — whether the team gets final CB2 approval or not.  This was the crew's third attempt at getting a recommendation from the CB2's SLA licensing committee. At last night's meeting, Miller remarked: "We will bring back a Chumley's that everyone can enjoy, something that everyone can take part in. To do anything different does not make any sense."