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Chumley's Team Takes One More Crack at Getting the Old Bar Open Again

The firefighters that owned the bar are fighting for its life.

[The old Chumley's]
[The old Chumley's]
Facebook/Chumley's 86

Chumley's has been closed for almost nine years now. Following a wall-collapse that shuttered the bar at 86 Bedford St., its owners pumped money into extensive renovations. The project faced many delays and set-backs, including a campaign against the Chumley's team that was organized by a bunch of NIMBYs, which resulted in numerous lawsuits.

But tonight, the team will go before the CB2's SLA licensing committee for one last attempt to score a liquor license and get Chumley's 2.0 open. Over a thousand people have signed a petition supporting the move to give the bar its liquor license back. As DNAinfo notes, Chumley's was operated by a team of former firefighters, and the old bar featured a memorial to local heroes that died in 9/11. That old crew pumped time and money into this new version of the bar, and now there's just one last hurdle to jump.

Of course, the SLA can ultimately grant the bar a liquor license even without the CB2's approval. But the proprietors of Chumley's want to do anything they can to make sure the bar gets the green light to reopen soon, and approval from the board could help. Jim Miller, one of the firefighters behind the revamp, tells DNAinfo he wants to duplicate the bar, but "in a more responsible manner, because the Village has changed."  Stay tuned for more updates on Chumley's 2.0 as they become available.

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