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Organic Avenue to Shutter All Stores After Service Today

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The company has not announced the reasons for the closure, but today is the last day to buy those pricey juices and kale salads.

[The Organic Avenue in Chelsea]
[The Organic Avenue in Chelsea]

Troubled juice bar chain Organic Avenue is calling it quits. Employees at two separate locations of the chain confirm that today is the last day in business for all of the juice bar locations throughout the city. An employee at the Lexington Avenue outpost says that the reasons for the closure are "money wise."  Right now, nobody's picking up the phone at Organic Avenue HQ. A tipster sends word that employees were informed of the closure just last night.

The New York City chain has been going through a rough patch for several years now. The original location on Bleecker Street closed in early 2014. Last January, Organic Avenue laid off a third of its employees at its Long Island City commissary, prompting speculation that the chain was struggling. More permanent shutters followed, and at the beginning of the summer, the company announced plans to completely revamp many of its stores throughout the city.

Back in August, Racked reported that the company's owner, Weld North, sold Organic Avenue to Vested Capital partners for next to nothing.  To cut costs, Organic Avenue's CEO Anthony Tomaro was let go. Racked reported that the company lost $1 million in January of 2015, and out of its ten Manhattan locations, only three were actually turning any kind of profit.

Eater has reached out to Organic Avenue to find out more details about the reasons for the closure. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

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