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Coffee Shop Team to Open Next Door Spinoff, Taco Shop

Brisket tacos are coming to the space next door to the Union Square standby.

[Coffee Shop, pictured here during World Cup madness.]
[Coffee Shop, pictured here during World Cup madness.]
Nick Solares

The owners of Coffee Shop at 29 Union Square West, are planning to open an offshoot next door called Taco Shop, and chef Joel Oberlander, who left as chef of Coffee Shop about five years ago, is returning for the project. "Joel is from San Diego, so he really knows tacos,'' says partner Eric Petterson. The new restaurant, due at the end of the month, will have a grab and go aspect as well as seating by day, and more of a scene vibe at night, with a bar and music. It will also feature a smoker to provide fillings like brisket. "Joel will play off our diner theme,'' explains Petterson. "He is doing a pastrami taco with malagueta peppers.'' Oberlander's menu will also have classics like fish tacos, as well as vegetarian and vegan options and a couple of dessert tacos. Though there have been recent rumors that the building's owner is looking to sell, Petterson says he has nine years left on his lease.

Here a peek at the interior/exterior from a tipster:

The Coffee Shop

29 Union Square West, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 243-7969 Visit Website

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