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Burst Pipe Temporarily Closes Birds & Bubbles, Damage Probably Minimal

No more Champagne and fried chicken, at least for a couple of days.

Birds & Bubbles, chef Sarah Simmons' popular ode to fried chicken and Champagne, is temporarily closed right now, recovering from a burst pipe last night. Messages are a little mixed, but is sounds like maybe things aren't as bad as they could be. Often, a burst pipe can often mean months of repairs and thousands of dollars worth of damage for a restaurant, and when Simmons describes "tremendous flood damage" on Instagram, it sounds like that could be the case.

However, an employee at the restaurant tells Eater that the burst pipe was in the building, not in the restaurant itself, and the restaurant is only really closed because the water is currently shut off. She promises that the restaurant will reopen as soon as the water gets turned back on. If that's the case, the restaurant will probably be closed through brunch tomorrow, but may recover shortly after. Stay tuned.


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