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Styrofoam Ban Will Force All NYC Dunkin' Donuts to Abandon Signature Coffee Cups

The mega-chain is looking into alternatives.


Dunkin' Donuts is hunting for a new coffee cup now that Mayor Bill DeBlasio has announced a ban on styrofoam. The chain promises that, in New York only, it will swap out the trademarked cups it uses at all of its stores across the country. That means all 536 locations in the city will have to find some new alternative. Dunkin' is looking into a "double-walled paper cup," reports the Daily News, but some are concerned that customers will long for the cups they have now, which according to one store manager keep coffee hot for hours. The doughnut giant and all other restaurants in the city have six months until the law goes into effect, but the law won't be enforced for a whole year, so there's no telling exactly when Dunkin' will make the switch.

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