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Michael White Unleashes Nicoletta Pizzas on New Jersey

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The first big step toward chaindom.

Last night Michael White opened an outpost of his cheap, soon-to-be-chain pizzeria Nicoletta in Bernardsville, NJ, right next to his outpost of Osteria Morini there. It's the first of what may or may not be many more siblings of the East Village original, which still soldiers on despite being one of the more unloved members of the Altamarea Empire. The new restaurant has been in the works for a long time, but not as long as the DC outpost of Nicoletta. That one was promised long ago, but is looking like that's still some months out. White was focusing first on the opening of Osteria Morini down there, but now that it's passed the one year mark, he tells Eater DC that he hopes to open Nicoletta by spring.

Will New Jersey response better to Nicoletta than New York's critics? Has the pizza been improved? Only time will tell.