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Due to Styrofoam Ban, Cost of Giant Margaritas at Williamsburg Dive Turkey's Nest Will Probably Go Up

As a direct result of the new ban on styrofoam, don't expect to keep paying $7 for a giant margarita to go.


Here's one semi-tragic, unintended consequence of the city's looming styrofoam ban: Williamsburg dive Turkey's Nest Tavern, best known for serving cheap drinks in giant foam cups, will be forced to give up the very thing its reputation is founded on. Come July, it will have to switch to eco-friendly disposable cups, and when it does, owner Steve Ehrseman tells DNAinfo, the cost of a margarita (or anything else) will go up. He hasn't calculated how much yet, but he doubts that he'll be able to keep charging $7 for a 16 ounce frozen margarita if he has to buy those newfangled eco-friendly cups.

Few seem all that concerned about the impending price hike, but it still will mark the loss of a minor piece of Williamsburg history: People have been "sneaking" those cups into McCarren Park for the past 30 years. Savor the end of an era while you can.

Turkey's Nest

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