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Watch Mission Chinese Food's Angela Dimayuga Talk Creativity and Face-Melting Food

Dimayuga talks craveability, shops for noodles, and makes banana blossom salad.

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Director and cinematographer Drew Reilly trailed Mission Chinese Food's executive chef Angela Dimayuga as she and Danny Bowien prepared to open the restaurant's doors for a second time in New York, and came up with this short documentary. Dimayuga talks about her creative cooking process, and explains that it took her months to present a dish at the original Mission Chinese that she was really happy with. The crucial factor? The food needs to be "craveable." She's always looking to match the "face-meltingly numbing" classics she and Bowien are known for. The video also takes viewers inside the new restaurant, on a shopping trip for fresh noodles, and shows Dimayuga making a green papaya and shaved banana blossom salad. Check it out:


Mission Chinese Food

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