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Staff Training Begins at Dirt Candy 2.0, Amanda Cohen's Vegetarian Wonderland

Expect the new Dirt Candy to open later this month.

Daniel Krieger

With the walls painted all pretty and the opening weeks away, Dirt Candy 2.0, aka Big Candy welcomed some new staff today. According to Amanda Cohen, it's just like being in the second grade again:

And here's a glimpse of that staff:

New Staff Day!

A photo posted by Dirt Candy (@dirtcandynyc) on

This is a big development for Cohen, given that the old Dirt Candy was tiny enough to operate with only about four or five people on staff. Cohen sends word that the team is aiming for a late January opening. No menu items are definite yet, but the restaurant's Instagram feed has been full of nutso new vegetarian creations, like brightly hued vegetable brioches, kale ramen, and beet doughnuts.

Dirt Candy

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