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LES Nightlife Impresario Rob Shamlian Claims He's Not Broke, Just Sick of 'Constant Harassment'

Too many "hostile neighborhood groups" and "blogs with no culpability" are giving him grief.


Following the news yesterday that the oft-maligned Rob Shamlian was putting most of his Lower East Side nightlife empire on the market, he sets the record straight about why that is. Yes, he tells Bowery Boogie, he has put the Derby up for sale because it "isn't making money," but the fact that he's also trying to pawn off Spitzer's Corner and Los Feliz doesn't mean that he's in financial straits. They're both making the "same amount of money they always have," he says, he's just tired of getting grief from the neighborhood.

"It's a quality of life issue," he explains, "I've had enough of the hostile neighborhood groups, the blogs with no culpability who are able to spout whatever nonsense they think of, and the constant harassment." That being said, he admits that he's also willing to sell Fat Baby, the only one of his nightclubs that he's currently holding onto, "when the right offer comes along."

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