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Greenwich Street Plagued by Seven Restaurant Closures Since November

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Telepan Local, The Harrison, and Josephine are all among the victims. What's going on in Tribeca?

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There seems to be a vex on Greenwich Street. The Tribeca Citizen points out that seven restaurants have closed, or are closing shortly, along a stretch of the street in Tribeca. The list includes: Telepan Local, The Harrison, Josephine, Ivy's Bistro, 508, Pao, and Tribeca Pizza. At this point, it looks like just one of those spaces has a new tenant signed up. Prune alum Ned Baldwin will take over 508 this spring to open The Houseman. A slew of shutters like this is rare outside of major disasters like Sandy, or major construction that takes over the street. So what's behind the shutters? It's anyone's guess.

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