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Lower East Side Oyster Bar Black Crescent Promises a Comeback After a Weekend Fire

Plywood is up.

A fire in the basement of year-old cocktail and oyster bar Black Crescent will put the place out of commission for a while (all of the windows were broken while the fire department put out the fire). Still, the owners promise that the bar will return, posting on Instagram:

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18 months of planning, 4 months of buildout, 1 year and 15 1/2 days of service...and then you take the early flight home from San Diego and a fire jumps out of your office like a goddamn magic show ready to incinerate your bar. But that's life.

Nothing left to do now but rebuild. And you can bet your ass that [we] will be back soon and even better than before.

Stay tuned... #blackcrescentmatters #clintonstreetlove#blackcrescent #sixmilliondollarbar #eeeeeats

Fans (and possibly staff) have already started graffiting the plywood posting notes like: "Black Crescent, it was as as Godfather I the first year. The second year will be like Godfather II, better and scarier!"

Black Crescent

76 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 (212) 477-1771

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