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Weeks After Closing, Times Square Classic Cafe Edison Has Already Been Gutted

While the furniture sits in storage and the owners search for a new home, Ira Glass writes a final farewell.

Daniel Krieger

Just two weeks after Cafe Edison was forced to shutter, Jeremiah Moss finds the legendary Times Square lunch counter barren. Booths have been torn out, signage is down, and swivel stools at the lunch counter no longer have their seats. Everything is packed up in storage, with the hope that it will make an appearance if Edison owner Jordan Strohl can find an affordable new home for the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Hotel Edison owner Gerald Barad promises that a "name chef" restaurant will take over the spot. Ira Glass, and thousands who signed a petition in support of Cafe Edison, aren't impressed. Glass wrote a final note on his site Dear Gerald Barad saying: "Since [Barad's] attitude towards all of us is basically 'fuck off,' it's hard not to feel that towards him right back, but what's bitterness ever get you?"

Cafe Edison

228 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036 (212) 840-5000 Visit Website

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