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Efraim Nahon Ditches Bustan to Return to Taboon and Expand Taboonette

There are plans to take Taboonette national.


Bustan, one of the most popular restaurants on the Upper West Side, has just lost chef/partner Efraim 'Efi' Nahon, who will become chef/partner at Taboon, where he got his New York start in 2004. Both restaurants revolve around the traditional Middle Eastern wood burning ovens called taboons. Nahon will also be running Taboonette, the more casual concept near Union Square that offers interesting versions of pita fare, like pulled pork with barbecue mustard sauce and grilled salmon with oven roasted vegetables. "There is a plan to roll out Taboonette nation wide,'' says Nahon.  "I have always stayed friendly with the owners, Danny and Ayala Hodak, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.''


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