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Shake Shack Celebrates NYSE Debut By Giving Away Free Burgers

Shack stock is now trading at $21 a share.

Nick Solares

As expected, Shake Shack's IPO went live on the New York Stock Exchange last night, and this morning it began trading with a valuation of about $745 million. That's way higher than expected – $21 a share – and leaves Danny Meyer, who owns 21 percent of the company, worth about $155 million more than he was yesterday. Needless to say, this is cause to celebrate, and because it's Shake Shack we're talking about, that will involve more than just Danny Meyer wallowing in his newfound piles of money.

So, starting, oh, right about now, a Shake Shack truck will be outside the Stock Exchange (that's at 11 Wall Street, fyi), giving away sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches (that's right, the elusive Shack breakfast sandwich, usually only found at Grand Central and JFK). At 11 a.m., they'll switch over to giving away free burgers, which will last until 2 p.m. Plus there will be unspecified "free Shack swag and giveaways" all day. And that's not all – a double decker bus will also be making stops at most of the Manhattan Shake Shacks (including the currently gutted Madison Square Park original) over the course of the day, with the same said "swag."

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