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Long Lost and Lamented: Iceland Restaurant, 1940s

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For the next hour of Classics Week, Robert Sietsema pays homage to some of New York's finest restaurants now lost to history.

Power HourNo one seems to know the precise date of its founding, but this sprawling restaurant lingered for at least the decade of the 40s at 1680 Broadway, near the corner of 53rd Street. It was popular with tourists and banqueters. The bill of fare featured currently faddish Scandinavian food, and one could experience it via a giant buffet table known as a smorgasbord, undoubtedly laid out with sliced meats, pickled fish and vegetables, boiled eggs, dill-draped salads, Scandinavian cheeses, and several types of rye and pumpernickel. How do we know about this place? They had a gimmick whereby if you filled out a postcard with a picture of the restaurant on it, they would mail it for free. And now you can find dozens of examples on the Web. Now the premises is a bank, of course

Iceland restaurant

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