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A Wintery Weekday Night at the Original Palm on Second Avenue

Welcome to our photo series Eater Scenes, where Eater photographers visits some of the city's great restaurants to capture them at a certain, and very specific, point in the day. Today, in honor of Classics Week, The Palm.

Classics Week logoIt doesn't get much more classic than the original location of The Palm, popularly called Palm One. Dating back to 1926, the restaurant is still owned and operated by members of the Bozzi and Ganzi families, whose relatives founded the original. Over the years the restaurant has helped define the NYC steakhouse experience, and like many of New York's classic restaurant, it's all about the atmosphere here. Even on a cold, wintery night after a near-miss with a blizzard, regulars came out of the woodwork. The place wasn't as jammed as it often is on a Wednesday night, but there was still much conviviality in the air.

As it happens, this visit is also a timely one, since in April the restaurant will close for much of the rest of the year for renovations. Though those shouldn't result in any major changes, the layout will be different, and, most significantly, that bar will finally hold more than two people. In the meantime, enjoy The Palm that New Yorkers have known and loved for almost 90 years.


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