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Ushiwakamaru Will Return This Spring With a Sake Bar, Large Format Delivery

Chef Hideo Kuribara is also talking about offering lunch and late-night menu.

Ushiwakamaru's relocation to Chelsea is no longer just wishful thinking. Chef Hideo Kuribara sends word through Blue Ribbon sushi chef Kazutaka Limori that the restaurant should reopen in about two months. The sushi counter will return with 18 seats, plus there will be seating for another 20 at tables, and five or six seats at a sake bar. The dinner menu will stay the same, but prices will increase a little. The team is also planning to offer a Japanese-style large-format delivery for a minimum of 10 people at $200 a person, essentially allowing diners to take the restaurant home for a dinner party. There's also talk of lunch and a late-night sushi-free menu with sake and ochazuke, a rice dish covered with tea and toppings. Stay tuned for an opening date and more details this winter.

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