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The Eight Best Lines About Hunt & Fish Club, Midtown's Grandiose New Money Magnet

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"It makes you feel like a lobster, just like, ready to be declawed."

Nick Solares

This morning the Post has a profile of Hunt & Fish Club, the obscenely opulent new steakhouse now serving porterhouses and $50 lobsters in Times Square. What goes on inside those mirrored, marbled dining rooms, where Wall Street types rub elbows with baseball players and Mob Wives stars? What do the owners hope for their $5 million "passion project"? Here are the best lines from the Post profile, to help illuminate the matter.

  • "'I feel like it's more special as a woman here,' says 49-year-old Kavovit, who owns a female-friendly tool company...'As soon as you walk in, it's like, "Wow." You definitely feel like you're unique. It makes you feel like a lobster, just like, ready to be declawed.'" Whatever that means.
  • "'I think with hospitality in New of the things that's gotten lost are the classics,' says [restaurateur Eytan] Sugarman."
  • With the above in mind, this place is, of course, meant to represent "'the best era of our lifetime' —the '90s."
  • "Sugarman, who hails the spot's 'Las Vegas service,' says he wanted Hunt & Fish to be the kind of place where Frank Sinatra, 'a friend of mine,' would hang out."
  • "'This is not for the people who are taking their kids for a $10 hamburger,' he says. 'It's not where the Griswolds would stop.'"
  • "Two weeks ago...the son of Wall Street titan Mario Gabelli was thrown out of the restaurant, shouting, 'Do you know who my father is? He runs this city!'"
  • "They've also stationed a shoeshine guy on the lower floor who will polish any patron's footwear for free. 'That was a good idea, right?' asks [partner] Scaramucci, fist-bumping Braff, 55. 'All these hipsters are wearing sneakers, though. I don't like that.'"

  • But that's not all: "[D]iners can remove their kicks during dinner and the shine guy will 'give you your shoes back under the table.'"

Hunt & Fish Club

125 w 44th Street, New York , NY 10036 (212) 575-4949 Visit Website

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