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Looks Like Ushiwakamaru Will Soon Make a Comeback in Chelsea

Tipsters send along vital intel on the move.

Google Street View

No sooner did Eater print news about the shutter of Ushiwakamaru on West Houston than a flutter of tips started coming in with vital intel on the restaurant's move (thanks, loyal tipsters). Several regulars and friends of the chef Hideo Kuribara say the owners are looking somewhere on 23rd street in Chelsea. One tipster even pins it down to 362 West 23rd Street, which is home to the now-defunct Chelsea Pub. Another says it could open as early as February.

A staffer at a bar next door to the space says work is going on daily behind covered up windows, but the owners are being very secretive. Eater hasn't spotted Ushiwakamaru on any of the local community board's agendas, so an opening is likely at least a couple of months away. Stay tuned.