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Lady Gaga Rolls Up to Santina in a Party Bus, Bachelorette Party in Tow

The Torrisi boys' newest restaurant is just that kind of place.

Daniel Krieger

Bowery Meat Company is the celeb spot du jour, but Lady Gaga apparently prefers the Meatpacking District.

The pop queen of costumes spent Sunday night partying with her high school besties at a bachelorette party.

First stop: Santina, the beachy new Meatpacking District restaurant from the Torrisi boys. Recognize that blue tile in the background? And those country pates from the 1980's?

#WhiteGirlWastedNYC Martinis & Fake Fur equal my highschool BESTIES

Uma foto publicada por @ladygaga em

It looks like the group made their exit on a giant party bus, having taken full advantage of Santina's bar.

I'm pretty sure I'm completely wasted in this photo.

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