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Barbuto's Longtime Home Is Being Sold for More Than $70 Million

What this means for the restaurant is still unclear.

Daniel Krieger

The petite two-story Meatpacking District building that's home to Jonathan Waxman's Barbuto is being sold for upwards of $70 million, reports the Daily News. Harry Jeremiahs of the Harch Group, who is behind the deal, has been buying up lots of downtown real estate. Whether the deal spells trouble for Barbuto is unclear at the moment, but given the price tag and the fact that the deal includes 20,000-square-feet of currently unoccupied air rights above the building, it seems likely that construction is ahead.

Clearly, this is a big moment for the neighborhood, with a lot of big names moving in (including the newly-opened Santina, Untitled, and eventually Pastis). According the the Daily News, Barbuto was bought by the current owner just seven years ago for $28 million, less than half the current asking price. So whatever happens, this is certainly a story to watch. Meanwhile, Waxman has his hands full with the remake of Jams. Eater has reached out to Waxman's team for an update, so stay tuned.


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