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In the Dead of Winter, Mister Softee Ice Cream Trucks Wars Still Rage On

A judge has just shut down one copycat, but there are more out there.

Though summer feels far, far away right now, an epic ice cream truck war is waging on. Jim Conway, who owns the iconic Mister Softee brand, has fought long and hard against imitators. Remember when Mister Softee knock-offs roamed the streets under the name Master Softee? While a judge quickly dropped the hammer on that blatant name rip-off, the trucks were quickly back on the streets, the "Master" erased, but still bearing all the other signature marks of a true Mister Softee (most notably, the blue and white coloring).

Turns out, those weren't the only blue and white copycats peddling ice cream in NYC. Now a judge has ruled against Gus Toufos, who operated his own fleet of Mister Softee fakes in 2013 (without the name or the conehead logo), prohibiting him from ripping off any part of the Mister Softee brand. He'll also have to pay Conway's legal fees. This may or may not do any good, however – Toufos has already faced the same accusations once, back in 2005. Meanwhile, there are apparently still other cease and desist orders pending against other copycats.

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