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Blue Moon®: White IPA Hunt

Blue Moon Brewing Co.® has enlisted Eater NY to bring fans a sneak peek into the making of a brew like their upcoming Blue Moon White IPA®. Hitting the shelves in April, it will be brought to NYC in an exclusive preview event at the end of January.

What makes this White IPA white? This new style is actually two-a Belgian White and an American IPA. The Blue Moon® brewers started with wheat, orange peel, and coriander, ingredients that originally inspired Blue Moon Belgian White®. They experimented with hop after hop until they discovered a rare, complementary German hop called Huell Melon. It's unfiltered, pleasantly hoppy, and incredibly balanced. Best of both worlds.

Blue Moon® is now challenging Eater NY readers to embark on a search of their own that will lead you to the very first sips of Blue Moon White IPA® available now only in NYC. On January 29, decode the GPS coordinates below to discover an exclusive launch party where the first four verified participants to each of the following five locations will receive a custom etched growler and a seat at a beer dinner with a brewmaster and even a trip to Denver for a private tour of the Blue Moon Brewing Company® at the Sandlot. Good luck!


40.729558, -73.987430 (8-10pm for this location only)

40.760045, -73.987214

40.760882, -73.991202

40.744929, -73.904390


41.028524, -73.764525

WHEN: January 29, 2015 from 7-9pm

Res of CA/IL/NY/TN/TX, 21+ only. While supplies last. Subject to terms @ Void where prohibited.