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DeBlasio: Don't Even Think About Ordering Delivery During the Travel Ban

"A food delivery bicycle is not an emergency vehicle."

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As many New Yorkers have heard by now, Mayor DeBlasio has just banned all road travel after 11 p.m. tonight in the face of Winter Storm Juno. Only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the roads after that point. And in case there was any confusion about what constitutes an emergency vehicle:

That's right, if you were banking on takeout tonight, get those Seamless orders in now. And don't forget to tip really, really well. Or better yet, don't be that person. We can all survive on cereal and sandwiches for a day or two.

For those who want to brave the weather, here's Eater's official list of what's open, closed, and what has snow-day deals.