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Box Kite Expands Uptown, Crown Heights Gets a Doughnut Shop, and More Openings

Little Choc Apothecary brings vegan crepes to Williamsburg and Elsie's Doughnut Shop debuts in Crown Heights.

Courtesy of Monte Carlo

Upper East Side: After a little delay, Monte-Carlo NYC opened in the old Cucina Ciano space this month. Ex-Waldorf food and beverage director Alexandra Pollet is running things here. Expect a traditional French menu of dover sole meunière, coq au vin, and Monte-Carlo special barbajuans, deep fried cheese and greens ravioli. Status: Certified open. 181 East 78th Street, 646-863-3465.

Upper West Side: The much buzzed about cafe and restaurant pop-up spot Box Kite expanded uptown to a tiny space. There are no plans for dinner service up there, but there is some serious coffee and four toasts, two sweet and two savory, says Gothamist. Status: Certified open. 128 West 72nd Street.

Williamsburg: Little Choc Apothecary is now offering a strictly vegan menu of sweet and savory crepes, plus lots of teas, and Toby's Estate Coffee, according to Gothamist. Status: Certified Open. 141 Havemeyer Street, 718-963-0420.

Crown Heights: Elsie's Doughnut Shop fired up its fryers recently and is serving glazed lemon zest and honey doughnuts and ones topped with blackberries and candied orange, plus there's butterscotch with salted peanuts and more. Brownstoner points out that there's at least one gluten free option. Status: Certified open. 1031 Bergen Street.

East Williamsburg: Masha & the Bear is serving a variety of infused vodkas on tap. Flavors range from ginger to honey and pepper or mango, notes Bedford + Bowery. There are also beers and wines on tap and a Russian menu of pelmeni and vareniki. Status: Soft open. 771 Grand Street.

Lower East Side: The new and cute Juicy Spot Cafe is offering morning fare like omelets, yogurt, and breakfast pastries. At lunch there are sandwiches and salads, shares Bedford + Bowery. Status: Soft open. 109 Ludlow Street, 212-933-0478.