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The Early Word on the Good, the Bad, and the Beachy at the Torrisi Team's Newest, Santina

At the 10 day mark, here's what diners are saying about the coastal Italian blockbuster in the Meatpacking District.

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The early reviews for the Torrisi Team's latest blockbuster, Santina, seem to focus more on the restaurant's scene-y vibe than the actual food. And, while the space is a universal winner, visitors were either wowed by the waitstaff or so put off by upsells that they vowed never to return. Here's what diners had to say about the South Beach color scheme, the healthy seafood-filled menu, and the hotly contested service.

The Healthy News: According to this Yelper, Santina compares favorably with the other Torrisi spots, but is a little too healthy: "on par with the excellence of the others, but maybe not as satisfying since they offer mostly healthier, lighter options."

The Upsell News: Alexandra Leite Instagrams a nice-looking salad, but her caption just complains about how the servers tried to shame her into spending more: "First, they voiced loud and clear they didn't think I ordered enough food, then they charge sparkling water by person rather than bottle! Wtf!"

The Smooth Service News: Yelper Bolo J thought the service and the food were impressive, even on opening night: "...the staff could not have been more attentive, professional and – importantly – helpful... The Rigatoni Norma is a lesson in how to make pasta perfectly – a great balance of flavor – and the deceptive Guanciale E Pepe looks like a light, fluffy rice dish, but it is almost just the opposite. It was rich, tasty, and substantial...It was all delicious."

The Preppy News: This Instagrammer digs the South Beach color scheme of her cured salmon dish. She compares the bright plating to preppy clothing: "like a pair of Lily Pulitzer pants," giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "food prep."

The Not So Sexy News: This Yelp reviewer was not impressed with anything but the space: "Let me start with the positive: the space is really pretty. It's a very nice decor." And then things take a turn for the worse: "It's not sexy at all, it reminded me more of Rosa Mexicana...I ordered the purgy which is a fish and it was just bad, like Hudson River bad. It was so salted. I had to send it back." This diner felt entitled to free bread: "We asked for some bread and the waiter asked us what course should he serve it with. I said you know some bread to start. He said he would have to charge us for it, these guys own a chain of successful restaurants they can afford the free bread."

The Ninja Chef News: Mario Carbone and the restaurant's guanciale get some love with this tweet:

The Fruity Drinks News: In keeping with the beach-themed restaurant, there are, as mentioned, many tropical drinks. No surprise, these are popular among the Instagram crowd.

The Flatbread News: Similar to the absurdly popular flatbread being served at Dirty French, Santina's cecina—a Tuscan chickpea flatbread— is being served with everything from lamb tartare to avocado trapanse. Aside from that one Yelper who wanted it for free, it seems to be a hit among most.

The Dessert News: Sweets also seem to be a hit at Santina and they vary wildly in terms of style. Especially popular are the tri-color cannoli and a key lime meringuewhich could have easily been inspired by Enrique Olivera's now-famed corn meringue at Cosme:


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