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Dos Toros Will Soon Improve Midtown Lunch Scene With Lexington Avenue Outpost

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One of the city's most popular taco and burrito chains is finally landing in Midtown.

Layla Khabiri

It was only a few weeks ago that Eater was dreaming of a Midtown outpost of Dos Toros (among other game-changing neighborhood additions). Well, some dreams do come true. Thanks to one observant commenter, we've learned that there is, at this very moment, an outpost of the wildly popular taqueria from former Third Eye Blind bassist Leo Kremer and his brother Oliver in the works on Lexington Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets. It replaces (and improves upon) what used to be a Baja Fresh.

The whole thing is enrobed in plywood right now, and no word yet on how soon it'll open, but it shouldn't be long before Midtown gets the burritos it deserves. This will be the seventh outpost of the taco and burrito chain, hot on the heels of a new one on Park Avenue South and 23rd Street.

Dos Toros

465 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017 Visit Website