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'Wichcraft Workers Sue Tom Colicchio for Labor Law Violations, Sexism

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This isn't Colicchio's first time around the block.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Tom Colicchio, who lectured Newsweek readers about the importance of understanding local labor laws in 2010, is now being sued for allegedly breaking local and federal labor laws. A suit filed by two female delivery workers from ‘Wichcraft in the East Village accuses the Top Chef judge of paying below minimum wage, docking tips, and not properly compensating workers for overtime, reports the Post. The suit also accuses Colicchio of "time shaving," forcing workers to change into and out of their uniforms off of the clock, and to pay for cleaning of the uniforms.

Sexism also comes into play in the suit. Lourdes Rivera, one of the plaintiffs, says that a male employee videotaped her changing, and that when she complained, a manager advised her not to go to the cops about it. Both women also allege that they were called "bitch" and "whore" by their managers.

This isn't Colicchio's first labor suit. He was accused of similar actions in 2008. When asked to comment on this case, a representative told the Post, "We are looking into the allegations and will respond accordingly."