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Gotham West Is Getting Indie Fresh, a Broth Stall from Choza Taqueria

The healthy vendor, which also sells soup, is popping up at Choza now.

Robert Sietsema

Gotham West Market is getting just what hundreds of New Yorkers (though it's not entirely clear which New Yorkers) are screaming for, broth. Akhtar Nawab of Choza Taqueria has been testing dishes at Choza for his new healthy market stall Indie Fresh. In addition to broth, there are soups and fresh-pressed juices. Everything is gluten free and dairy free, but meat is abundant. There's bison borscht with Tuscan kale and chia seeds; and broccoli, coconut, and hemp curry soup. As for the broths, there's a ginger chicken, beef pho, and smoked vegetable. Stocks come in Mason jars, because, well, this is 2015 and anything less would simply not be acceptable. For true stock devotees, there's a subscription service, which sends customers large stock quantities for their freezers.

Expect an expanded menu when the new stall opens in a few weeks.

Gotham West Market

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