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No. 7 Sub at the Ace Hotel Prepares to Close for Renovations and a Menu Revamp

Don't worry, the broccoli classic and zucchini parm are safe.


No. 7 Sub shop will close its five-year-old Ace Hotel outlet on January 26 for a refresh, or as owner Tyler Kord calls it "a little sprucing up." Oh, "and, while we're sprucing, I figured we may as well make some changes (bigger menu, broccoli tacos, maybe even delivery!)" For those who love the shop's classics, like the zucchini parm and broccoli sandwich, Kord assuages withdrawal fears and promises that they aren't going anywhere. The shop is slated to reopen around President's Day. Stay tuned for a full menu update.

No. 7 Sub

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