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Dominique Ansel Christens His West Village Dessert Tasting Counter 'Unlimited Possibilities'

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It will be upstairs from his new bakery.

Dominique Ansel has released some vital new info about his upcoming West Village bakery. The dessert tasting table he's promised now has its own name: Unlimited Possibilities, or U.P. He also reveals that it will be located above the bakery, on the second floor. According to the Cronut magician, the prix fixe menu at U.P. will be a six to eight course affair, limited to plated desserts (as well as some wine and cocktail pairings), harkening back to the time he spent as pastry chef at Daniel. The new location is expected to debut in late spring, and while Ansel will serve made-to-order desserts on the first floor, the upstairs tasting room will only be open at night, and will only seat eight to 10 people. More info, like the opening menu, to follow. Below, check out the fancy, fine-dining logo for Unlimited Possibilities.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

137 7th Avenue South, New York, NY