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Sushi Master Daisuke Nakazawa Is Planning a Sushi-Free Restaurant

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There will be a $125 prix fixe menu, sans sushi.

Daisuke Nakazawa and Alessandro Borgognone
Daisuke Nakazawa and Alessandro Borgognone
Nick Solares

Scoring a seat at Daisuke Nakazawa's prized Sushi Nakazawa counter requires planning, lots of it, preferably far in advance. But, Nakazawa shares with DNAinfo that he will open a restaurant that will be (at least slightly) more easily accessible, just next door to Via Carota.

The still unnamed restaurant will reserve some tables nightly for walkins, and will host a bar downstairs where diners can wait, or even order have their meal. Alex Borgognone, the restauranteur behind Nakazawa told the community board: "We wanted to do something a little different, something where people can actually walk in without a reservation...It's a little bit more of a casual setting, but once again at a high level."

It sounds like the restaurant will exclusively offer a $125 tasting menu that will be fish focused, but sushi-free. Expect items like fluke carpaccio with white sturgeon caviar, Japanese blue fish with Bordeaux spinach, and Dungeness crab with roasted pistachio. There will be some non-seafood items like duck liver with strawberries and honey, and butternut squash ravioli.

There's no word on an opening date, but Eater is reaching out to the team, so stay tuned.