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Gabriel Kreuther Will Probably Call His New Restaurant Gabriel

Hey, it worked for Daniel.

It looks like a tornado stormed through Gabriel Kreuther's new Alsatian-American restaurant space in The Grace building. Wires are coiled up and dangling from the ceiling and there's a large neon traffic cone hanging out, but the construction team assures Eater that the project is moving forward and should open in about two months. Meanwhile, the restaurant (at least for now) is being called Gabriel and the boss's name was scrawled on an early markup of the bar. There's still no word on what the "retail component" will entail, but it will likely be downstairs, not upstairs as we previously thought. There will be an elevator down to the basement. Stay tuned.


Gabriel Kreuther

41 West 42nd St, New York, NY

Gabriel Kreuther

41 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10036 (212) 257-5826 Visit Website