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Dirt Candy Reveals Gigantic, Sequined Signage on Allen Street

Big Candy has some flash to it.

Devra Ferst

Big Candy isn't just bigger than the original little Dirt Candy, it's flashier too. The giant sign along Allen Street went up last week and it looks a bit like it was cut from a Vegas lounge act's costume with its sequins blowing in the wind. Brown paper is still up in the windows, but Instagram reveals a sweet inside with murals on the walls and an open kitchen. Expect an opening sometime very soon. Oh, also the sign lights up at night:

WE HAVE A SIGN! Maybe it's too small?

A photo posted by Dirt Candy (@dirtcandynyc) on

Dirt Candy

86 Allen Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 228-7732 Visit Website