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Dominique Ansel Wants to Add Cocktails to His Repertoire at His West Village Bakery

Expect cocktail pairings for the pastry wizard's dessert menu.

Hillary Dixler

Dominique Ansel's new bakery may be Cronut-less, but there will likely be booze. The pastry wizard plans to pair cocktails with his $65 dessert tasting menu, reports DNAinfo. One idea mentioned in his community board paperwork is a course called "bread and butter:" yeast ice cream with brown butter mousse. To help wash it down, the dessert would come with a "milkshake" cocktail of mezcal, lemon blossom, honey, and egg whites. There could also be a rhubarb carpaccio paired with a gin float of strawberry and rose sorbet, and a fromage blanc il flottante with a Riesling granita. The drinks would be available exclusively at the after-hours reservations-only meal.

The community board gave its go ahead for the license somewhat begrudgingly. One member remarked: "I still don't know why you need to serve alcohol. This area has been identified by elected officials as being over-saturated." Ansel still needs the sign off from the SLA, but it will likely go through. There's no word yet on what the drink menu will cost.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

137 7th Avenue South, New York, NY