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New York City Might Actually Get a Dog Cafe

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Two women have started raising money to open the dog-lover's response to a cat cafe.

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A dog cafe in Korea.
A dog cafe in Korea.
Foursquare/Chang Won L.

Dog-lovers, your day may still come. In the wake of the news that LA might soon get a dog cafe – which is, of course, the same thing as a cat cafe except with puppies – AM New York learns that a New York duo has also started raising money for a dog cafe right here in New York. Maggie Chan and Mandy Chow are currently trying to raise $70,000 on Indiegogo for the project.

By their own account, the pair were inspired by similar cafes in Korea, and by seeing mangy, malnourished stray dogs running around in Puerto Rico. No, they're not bringing said dogs to their cafe. It just made them want to help out similar dogs here in the states. All their dogs will come from a NYC-based no-kill shelter. They wouldn't actually live at the cafe, the way the cats at New York's first and only cat cafe do, but would be brought in daily. They would also all be up for adoption.

In order to get around those pesky Health Department regulations, they've outlined plans for a large cafe with a glass-enclosed dog space inside. The cafe and the play space would have separate entrances. Chan and Chow say they're still looking for a space big enough to accommodate their plan (they need around 2,000 square feet). But first things first: So far they've raised less that $500 of their goal, so they've go a long way to go before the campaign ends on February 21.