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Chad Robertson, of SF's Famed Tartine, Is Toying With a Bread-Only NYC Bakery

Lines for the loaves would rival those for Cronuts.


San Francisco's baking savant Chad Robertson has been spending a lot of time in New York lately — so much so that hopeful New York fans might start to wonder if he's defecting from the West Coast. He's hung out in Bushwick, doling out tips to the bakers at Roberta's, dined around this fair city, and spent some serious time in the kitchen at Mission Chinese Food pre-opening, helping pal Danny Bowien master his pizza dough.

Nothing's definite, but 7x7 is reporting that Robertson is toying with the idea of a bread-only bakery in NYC. The shop would be run by a solo baker and would sell only what that baker could produce in a single day. Last fall he said he couldn't open in New York without the right person. "I don't have that New York person yet. It doesn't work without that person." He has a new space in SF to worry about, an outpost in Japan, and another in London in the works, so a NYC bread shop likely wouldn't happen very soon. But, if it does, expect Cronut-length lines.