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Six Surprising Facts About Ralph Lauren's New Restaurant, Polo Bar

Be prepared for celebrities, horses, and gold sinks. If you can get a table.

Daniel Krieger

Steve Cuozzo stops by Ralph Lauren's equestrian-themed subterranean restaurant The Polo Bar to do some early scouting and finds a roving Ralph, gold sinks and more. Here's what to look for when you go:

1) The white haired style icon himself has been spotted roving the restaurant. Ralph Lauren shows up at Cuozzo's table beaming to ask: "How do you like it?" Cuozzo later writes: "Honey, we just got here! But for a restaurant open all of three days, the house is running on all hooves."

2) The sinks in the bathroom are very gold. Cuozzo thinks it's tacky, but does snap a picture.

3) Horses are everywhere, even in the men's bathroom: "Equine imagery dominates most every surface, even above the men’s room urinals." (No word on the ladies bathroom, but it's safe to say there are horse pictures there too.)

4) Bobby Flay and his wife, Law & Order star Stephanie March are on their way to becoming regulars. She's been twice, he's been once. Celebrities in general love this place.

5) The food — minus a bad burger — is surprisingly terrific. Cuozzo recommends "Ralph's favorite", which is a corned beef sandwich with Swiss on marbled rye.

6) It's actually really hard to get a table. Even Gael Greene hasn't had any luck:

The Polo Bar

1 East 55th Street, Manhattan, NY 10022 (212) 207-8562 Visit Website

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