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Italian Seaside Meets South Beach at Santina, the Torrisi Team's Glass-Enclosed Restaurant

Expect fruity drinks and loads of seafood.

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Team Torrisi finally took down the butcher paper lining Santina, their glass box beneath the High Line, last weekend and opened to the public on Monday. Diners cunning enough to snag one of the coveted reservations may feel like they have hopped a plane for warmer climes. The restaurant is "coastal Italian," but as with all Torrisi projects, there's a strong American undercurrent. In this case, think Cinque Terre meets South Beach. Palm fronds and orange trees are dispersed throughout, and Venetian glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling, but the real thing to note here is the sheer amount of exposure. The restaurant is literally inside a glass cube, and the potted plants do little to shield you from anything.

The menu, as promised, is very seafood focused and virtually devoid of meat. Keeping with that tropical theme, there are a number of fruity cocktails. Check out the menu below and take a look around.

Santina Menu


820 Washington Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 254-3000 Visit Website